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hypebright's R/Shiny Expert.

Hi! My name is Veerle van Leemput and I’m the director of Hypebright BV. I’m a passionate R-enthusiast who specializes in R and Shiny consultancy.

After graduating as Bachelor of Business Economics I graduated cum laude from my Master Data Science at Tilburg University. After studying, I immediately started working as Data Scientist. First at a large energy company, Eneco. After that at a large pharmaceutical company, Dr. Reddy’s. At both Eneco and Dr. Reddy’s I contributed to delivering data driven products. Projects I’m still very proud of! 

Since the founding of Hypebright in 2019, I offer R consultancy. Since my graduation in 2015 I’ve been programming in R on a daily basis. And it went beyond programming: I also specialized in setting up the right infrastructure to leverage R within organizations. 

I really enjoy helping people and organizations with their R adventure- that’s why I founded Hypebright. R is an awesome programming language, but it can be hard for organizations to figure out how to use R in a professional and scalable manner. And for individual R programmers within organizations it can be just as hard to find the right support and training. That’s exactly where I come in with R and Shiny consultancy!


R and Shiny consultancy, training, workshops and public speaking 🎙

R is perfect for statistical analyses, but also for developing advanced analysis tools and retrieving and cleaning data.

shiny hexagon

With Shiny it's possible to develop web applications. From dashboards to enterprise-grade software, everything is possible with Shiny.


I love sharing my knowledge about using R. Through R Shiny training and workshops I help to you and your team to get the most out of R.

Public speaking

As an active R community member I'm regularly appearing at conferences, meetups and podcasts to talk about R and Shiny.


Complete Shiny applications


R packages


Mentoring sessions


Years of experience

consultancy & Training.

As R and Shiny expert I had the pleasure to help many companies with R and Shiny. Besides that I'm very active in the R-community and I regularly share my knowledge about Shiny software development, using R in organizations and setting up the IT infrastructure to facilitate the use of R. Whether you need help with the basis or more advanced techniques: I can help!

R Programming

I program in R on a daily basis. Whether it’s setting up ETL processes, managing operational processes, or analyzing data. Because of my practical experience with using R in organizations I’m well equipped to help other organizations too. 

Most of the projects I’m working on aren’t open-source, but feel free to find out a little bit more about me on my GitHub profile 🐱 .

R Shiny

Shiny is so much more than a tool to create dashboards. With Shiny you can build full-blown enterprise-grade applications! I made it my personal mission to show people around the world what Shiny is capable of and how organization can efficiently make scalable and fast web applications. Shiny developers are also software developers. That means that you also have to be aware of best practices within software development. From UI/UX design to user management, data management, scaling and optimizing. You can only build a Shiny app with a good plan.

Can’t wait to hear more? I gave a talk at the Posit (RStudio) Enterprise meet-up about optimizing Shiny for enterprise-grade apps  where I go into more detail 🎥 .

Data Pipelines & data analytics

Data is incredibly valuable. You just need to know how to access the right data and extract valuable insights from it. How do you gather the best data, where do you store it, and how can you efficiently and effectively extract information from this data?

I assist organizations in managing their data storage, setting up data pipelines, deploying models into production, and translating data analyses into understandable language and visuals.

And all of this is only possible with the right infrastructure, such as Azure databases, VMs, APIs, App Services, Docker, CI/CD, Posit Workbench, Posit Connect, and Posit Package Manager. Together, we will create a solid and robust foundation.

Training & Workshops

Staring with R or Shiny can be daunting for teams and individuals. How do you make the switch from Excel or PowerBI to R? Or how do make your current R data pipelines more efficient and Shiny apps production-grade? Perhaps your team is already working with R and Shiny for quite some time, but is currently lacking the structure to collaborate efficiently and effectively. 

Every organization is different, and every team is different. This means that the best solution, or the best way of working together, is different as well. Training should take these differences into account.

The trainings and workshops I provide are completely tailored to your needs. This means that I will first chat with you and your team about the specific needs. Together we will make learning goals and a planning. During the training or workshops we preferably work with your own data: this way you can immediately put into practice what you learned. Depending on your location, the trainings and workshops can be offline or online. In 2024 you are also welcome at our own training facility in South-Holland.

Feel free to reach out for an exploratory chat!


Through Hypebright's blog I share knowledge about awesome tools and new developments in R and Shiny.

Hypebright's blog

Every day, world wide, multiple packages and tools are released for R and Shiny. How do you keep on top of all the news? We got you! Through Hypebright's blog we share (a part of) the features we're using to deliver projects. This way, we might be able to help and inform other people!

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