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Google Maps train stations in the Netherlands

Using Google Maps in R: part two

Using Google Maps in R: part two! In this blog series about using Google Maps in R, I will guide you through examples on how to use the Google Maps API. In part one I showed you examples using the package mapsapi. This second part is about exploring the package ggmap. Getting your API key(s) Whether you’re working with mapsapi or ggmap, you will need API key(s). In the previous… Read More »Using Google Maps in R: part two

Routes using Leaflet

Using Google Maps in R

Using Google Maps in R is easy! This series of blog posts will guide you through the possibilities to work with Google Maps in R. In part one we will discuss the package mapsapi. In part two we will discuss a ggplot2 friendly option: ggmaps. Getting your API key(s) Whether you want to work with mapsapi or ggmaps: the first step is getting your API key(s). Sounds like an easy… Read More »Using Google Maps in R

Ultimate cheatsheet for regex in R

Regular expressions are one of those topics programmers tend to either love or hate. And I admit, sometimes it’s confusing. In order to structure the information, I made an overview. So in this blog post I will share the ultimate cheatsheet for using regex in R! Regular expressions are also called regex or regexp. A regex is a text string that defines a search pattern. Regex can be used to… Read More »Ultimate cheatsheet for regex in R

The beauty of R Shiny

The beauty of Shiny. I call myself a Shiny developer. Fancy name, sounds cool. But what is Shiny exactly and, more importantly, what can we do with it? I will tell you all about it in this blog post. Shiny explained If you are not a Data Scientist yourself, or if you are new to R, you probably don’t have any experience with Shiny. Shiny is an R package that… Read More »The beauty of R Shiny