Explore Tailored R and Shiny Training in 2024 – Benelux and Online Options

As an experienced consultant and trainer, I offer tailored R and Shiny workshops in 2024. The R and Shiny courses I provide range from basic to advanced levels, catering to both individual sessions and small groups, available on-site in the Benelux and online, spanning one or multiple days.

Tailored R and Shiny Training

My approach stands out through the delivery of customized training. I don’t simply offer pre-existing training modules. The process commences with an introductory discussion to understand your needs. Subsequently, I craft a learning program that we refine together to perfectly align with your objectives. Preferably, the training sessions involve working with your own data, ensuring the assimilation of not just theoretical knowledge but practical applications in your work environment.

Whether you’re new to R and Shiny or looking to elevate your skills, my training provides an in-depth understanding of the tools and techniques necessary to effectively work with R and Shiny. My emphasis is on delivering valuable, tailored training that caters to your specific needs. So, look no further for your perfect R course or Shiny training—let’s create one together!


I’ve had the honor of providing training for companies seeking to maximize their data utilization, including KIT (Royal Tropical Institute) and Gemeente Gooise Meren. During and after the training, participants were able to immediately apply their learnings to their own projects. To provide an idea of a tailored R training, here’s a glimpse of a custom-made R course for intermediate R users:

  • Day 1: Advanced R – How to optimize an R script? Topics include writing functions, utilizing ‘here’ order functions, naming conventions, style guide, error handling, and logging.
  • Day 2: Data Pipelines – Building a robust data pipeline in R. Covers setting up R projects, organizing scripts, dependency management, and sharing results.
  • Day 3: Version Control – Collaborating on R projects using Git. Essential topics cover version control software selection, basic git commands, working with branches, and setting up Git on your work laptop.

A program entirely adaptable to your preferences. Already familiar with Git but eager to learn more about R Markdown or Quarto? All these possibilities are on the table!

Plan your R Shiny Training in 2024

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